Jabots, Bow Ties, and Bad Asses

Jabots, Bow Ties, and Bad Asses


  1. an ornamental frill or ruffle on the front of a shirt or blouse, typically made of lace.

bow tie
/ˈbō ˌtī/

  1. a necktie in the form of a bow or a knot with two loops.


  1. tough, uncompromising, or intimidating.

The Jabot

It would seem easy to assume that the bow tie derives its name from it’s “bow like” look, but you would be wrong. The bow tie actually derives its name from the French version of the cravat, or jabot (pronounced “ja-bow”). It’s pretty hard to imagine the jabot as badass, as it was a frilly lace thing of substantial size. That said George Washington did wear one and I suppose he could be considered a “badass”. US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG, not only wears a jabot but is said to have a large collection of them from all over the world. It’s safe to say she is a badass.

In this article we will be talking about self tie bow ties, in particular, diamond point and batwing bow ties. We will leave pre-tied bow ties and clip-on bow ties to someone else, as no one wearing a clip-on or pre-tied bow tie can be considered a badass. And while some people are intimidated by the idea of tying a bow tie, we believe that once you learn how to tie your own bow tie, you will realize it’s easier than you think, and immensely satisfying. How To Tie A Batwing Bow Tie.

The Butterfly Bow Tie, But Not Today.

We are also going to stay away from the butterfly bow tie. While there are many butterfly bow ties that are awesome, they are a little too common. We are aware the the 11th Doctor where’s a butterfly bow tie. He is most assuredly a badass and he did coin the term “Bow Ties Are Cool”, which we very much appreciate. All that said, we will leave the butterfly bow tie for another day.

The Diamond Point Bow Tie

Diamond point bow ties are cool.

The Diamond Point, or pointed bow tie, is usually on the smaller side like the batwing bow tie. It’s main distinguishing feature is that the ends come to a point rather than being flat like the batwing and butterfly bows. This give it a super sleek and cool look that is sure to complement your badass attitude. Often times the batwing bow tie is curved in the center like the butterfly bow tie, but you can find versions that are straight like the batwing bow tie, with the main distinguishing feature being the point at the end.

Diamond Point Bow Tie Badasses

There are quite a few badasses throughout history that have sported a diamond point bow tie. Some of the earliest American badass diamond point wearers include Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Both were President of the United States, heroes of the American Civil War, and definitely badass. We have also found a picture of Billy The Kid sporting a diamond point bow tie. He was so badass that he supposedly staged his own death to evade the law. If Billy the Kid is not enough for you, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, the only man billy the kid ever feared, also worn one of the awesome pointed bow ties. Last but not least, Harry Houdini,  Austro-Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts, was also a batwing bow tie wearer.

Batwing Bow Tie Badasses

Batwing Bow Ties are cool.

Lest you think that all the badasses wore diamond point bow ties, we have a small list of badasses who loved the batwing bow tie too. Morgan Earp, brother of Wyatt Earp, loved himself some batwing bow tie. Morgan and his brothers Virgil and Wyatt shot a bunch of outlaws at the O.K. Corral. Sadly he was shot and killed playing pool at Campbell and Hatch's Saloon in Tombstone. Certainly a badass way to go. Some other batwing bow tie badasses include, Sean Connery as James Bond and Humphrey Bogart. These are arguably the most badass 007 and the most badass actor. Of course we can not leave out one of the most badass badasses of them all, Malcolm X. He absolutely loved the Batwing Bow Tie. He was called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history. If the batwing bow tie was good enough for him, what’s your excuse.

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