Olaf Olsson

Denim Roses Bow Tie


The love of vintage denim, and the skill for creating some of the world’s best denim, is an obsession in Japan. As the 1950’s began, students in Japan started to become influenced by American army base stores and American pop culture. One of the things that these students were attracted to was vintage denim jeans from the US.

The obsession with vintage denim in Japan has continued growing since then. So much so that one statistic has 70% of America’s vintage denim in the hands of Japanese collectors. It is not uncommon now to see a pair of vintage Levi’s 501’s to go for over $3,000 with rarer jeans going for substantially more.

The Japanese are now also the leading producer of some of the highest quality denim available. Much of this denim is produced on old and out of date looms from the US, as this is the only way to get the quality and feel of the original denims from the US.

The Denim Roses Bow Tie is made from a light weight Japanese Denim that is printed with multi colored roses. You can decide whether the roses symbolize your love for denim or for something or someone else.

- 100% cotton/linen from JAPAN
- 2" at widest point, adjustable length
- hand-tied batwing bow tie with flat ends

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