Olaf Olsson

Golden Usagi


Usagi means rabbit in Japanese. There is an ancient Japanese tale of a monkey, a fox, and a white rabbit who wanted to show charity on the day of the full moon, hoping a show of great virtue would earn a great reward. 

On the night of the full moon the three animals came across and old man begging for food. The monkey and the fox gathered fruit and fish for the old man to eat. The rabbit, who could not find anything for the old man, decided to offer himself as food and threw himself into the fire that the beggar had built. 

Upon seeing this great act of virtue the old man revealed himself to be the Man on the Moon. As a reward for the rabbit's act of virtue, the old man carried the rabbit in his arms back to the moon where the rabbit still lives today, happily making Mochi for the old man.

The Golden Usagi Necktie has small white rabbits on it and can remind you that showing virtue and kindness can lead to great rewards. Printed on a heavy, textured 100% cotton dobby from Osaka, Japan.

- 100% cotton from JAPAN
- 2-1/2" wide and 57" long
- Self tipped with matching fabric keeper loop

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