Olaf Olsson

Indigo Kasuri Necktie

$49 $98

Traditional Japanese Kasuri fabrics are created using a method of weaving together threads that have a pattern dyed into them. The patterns are created using a resist dyeing technique known as Ikat.

This resist dying technique is combined with traditional indigo dye making to create the distinctive blurry edge patterns that make Kasuri textiles so unique and beautiful. Kasuri patterns are often geometric in nature. The patterns are often made up of small dots, circles, crosses, squares, dashes, and grids of different styles. 

Our beautiful Indigo Kasuri necktie and batwing bowtie are made of 100% Japanese cotton with a traditional indigo Kasuri motif. The deep blue field of the material combined with the tan pattern make this neckwear easy to wear as either casual or dressed up.

- 100% cotton from JAPAN
- 2-1/2" wide and 57" long
- Self tipped with matching fabric keeper loop

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