Olaf Olsson

Blue Samekomon


Imitating the look of sharkskin has a long history in fashion. While most people are familiar with the sharkskin suit, most are unfamiliar with the ancient kimono fabric patterns of Japan known as Samekomon.

Samekomon is one of the oldest kimono patterns known in Japan. Same means shark in Japanese and the term komon refers to a stenciling technique in which designs composed of minute holes are cut into the stencil paper. Samekomon has the appearance of a modest solid when viewed from a distance. When viewed up close it reveals the true nature and detail involved in it’s creation.

The Samekomon Necktie is made from a heavy-weight cotton printed with a traditional Japanese samekomon pattern. The fabric is a medium blue with white dots arranged in patterns that create the sharkskin effect. MORE ABOUT SAMEKOMON 

- 100% cotton from JAPAN
- 2-1/2" wide and 57" long
- Self tipped with matching fabric keeper loop

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