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Indigo Patchwork Bow Tie

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Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist born on October 23, 1760 in Edo Japan. He left an enduring legacy of art that still influences the world.

During his life Katsushika Hokusai changed his name over thirty times. His frequent name changes often directly correlated to changes in his artist. When Hokusai turned sixty he changed his name to Iitsu, a name he kept for thirteen years. It was during this period that he created his masterpiece "Shingata Komon Cho" or "New Models for Kimono Patterns".

This book, now housed at the British Museum, had a huge influence on the patterns that were used for Kimonos, as well as Sashiko patterns. You can see Hokusai's influence on the patterns of the Indigo Patchwork Batwing Bow Tie. MORE ABOUT HOKUSAI 

- 100% cotton dobby from JAPAN
- 2" at widest point, adjustable length
- hand-tied batwing bow tie with flat ends

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