Olaf Olsson

Kyoto Silk Multi - Limited Edition


Green, gold, and pink highlights woven into Japanese star motifs on a deep blue ground. Small highlights of real gold. These neckties are slightly wider than our cotton neckties.

- 100% silk from JAPAN
- 2-3/4" wide and 58" long
- Matching fabric keeper loop

KYOTO SILK - Limited Edition
This exquisite series of neckties are handmade from some of the finest handwoven silk in the world. The master weavers of Kyoto, Japan have a long history of painstakingly producing what is arguably the most dazzling silk that can be found. We have combined this silk with "Made in Brooklyn" quality manufacturing to produce a necktie that can be cherished. 

Master weaver in Kyoto, Japan weaving silk used in the Kyoto Silk Limited Edition Neckties from Olaf Olsson.

Gold thread used in Kyoto Silk neckties from Olaf Olsson.

Actual gold thread is used to create highlights in the magnificent silk.





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