Olaf Olsson

Little Flowers Bow Tie


Hanakotoba is the ancient Japanese art of assigning meaning to flowers. In most cultures flowers can be seen as having some meaning. In the west red roses symbolize love and passion.

The Japanese have taken this idea to its ultimate level with Hanakotoba, the language of flowers. The importance of flowers can be seen throughout Japanese culture. The Imperial Seal of Japan is a Chrysanthemum, or Kiku. The Cherry Blossom, or Sukura, is the national flower, and is celebrated with festivals throughout Japan every spring.

The Mini Flowers Bow Tie has a variety of small printed flowers. You can decide what there meaning is to you. Click here for a  list of meanings that flowers have in Hanakotoba. 

- 100% cotton dobby from JAPAN
- 2" at widest point, adjustable length
- hand-tied batwing bow tie with flat ends

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