Olaf Olsson differentiates itself by combining Japanese fabric and traditional Japanese patterns into fresh, individualistic designs.

The brand is dedicated to a style that both stands out in a crowd while remaining classic. Motivated by a desire to create high quality, unique neckwear and clothing, Olaf Olsson is committed to using the best manufacturers in New York and New England.

This emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail reverberate genuinely throughout the brand’s core philosophy. We value and wish to develop long-standing relationships with our customers, who can return to Olaf Olsson each season to add to their collection.

Eric Olsson, Founder & Designer

The feel, the craftsmanship, the history, but also the stories that fabric can tell, that's why I choose to work with Japanese fabrics.

The quality of garments made in the United States and the ability to closely oversee production is why I choose to manufacture locally.

I combined this with my feeling that the world is a better place when people are well dressed.