Olaf Olsson sets itself apart by combining Japanese fabric with
traditional patterns into fresh, original designs.

The brand is dedicated to a style that stands out while remaining classic. Motivated by a desire to create high quality, unique neckwear and clothing, Olaf Olsson is committed to using the best manufacturers in New York and New England.

This emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail reverberate genuinely throughout the brand’s core philosophy. We wish to develop long-standing relationships with our customers, who can return to Olaf Olsson each season to add to their collection.

Eric Olsson, Founder & Designer

The feel, the craftsmanship, the history, but also the stories that these fabric can tell, that's why I choose to work with Japanese fabrics.

The quality of garments made in the United States and the ability to closely oversee production, is why I choose to manufacture locally.

I combined this with my feeling that the world is a better place when people are well dressed.

Distinctive Japanese Fabric

We source very specific fabrics from Japan, looking for meaning and symbolism in each design. Fabric that tells a story.

For example; fabric that has a turtle on it represents longevity and good fortune.

A pattern made up of Sakura flowers represents the coming of Spring and renewal.

A pattern that is reminiscent of an old form of cotton production dating back hundreds of years, like Aizu.

We always try to find a pattern that is rich in traditional Japanese symbolism.

Quality Domestic Manufacturing

Olaf Olsson is dedicated to making all of our clothing in the United States with the best craftsmen we can find. All of our neckwear is handmade in Brooklyn by one of the best makers of neckties, bow ties, and scarves in the world. Our shirts and jackets are made in New England.

Being so close to our makers means we can visit and not only check the quality but also see the working conditions and meet the people who are actually sewing the garments. This helps you know that anything you buy from Olaf Olsson is not only made with care but made ethically by people making a living wage in a decent work environment.

Small Batch & Limited Edition

All of our garments are limited edition and small batch. We only buy a limited amount of fabric to create unique neckwear and menswear that makes one stand apart while still looking elegant


This is important to us, we spend more money and time on each garment to achieve our sustainability goals.

We only use 100% natural fibers for our neckwear and menswear. This includes cotton, wool, and silk from Japan. We also try to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging.

We only use domestic manufacturers that pay their employees a living wage and have decent work conditions. We have a great working relationship with our craftspeople and visit them on a regular basis.

We look forward to building a relationship with our customers.
Please feel free to write to us at any time with any thoughts or questions you have.